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NWAW’s TOP 10 issue — Looking back on the highs and lows of 2011

NWAW’s TOP 10 issue — Looking back on the highs and lows of 2011


A-pop!’s API hall of fame/shame! — The 5 winners and 5 losers of 2011

The top 10 Asian American sports stars of 2011

The 10 best Asian films of the year

Top 10 wacky-but-true Asian news stories

The top 10 outstanding Asian and Asian American achievements of 2011

Top 10 local API community achievements

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NWAW’s top 10 favorite stories of 2011

NWAW’s top 10 favorite stories of 2011


For the end of the year, we wanted to run our top 10 favorite stories of the year — the stories that we are the most proud of. Some of the stories are even award-winning. We are afraid that these stories didn’t get enough attention the first time around, so we’re giving them another chance to shine.

These stories are not breaking news stories. Rather, they are thought-provoking feature stories that may help you see your world a bit differently.

1. Is smoking an epidemic for APIs?

2. Who owns the design of your clothes?

3. How prevalent is human trafficking in our backyard?

4. Is being a lawyer no longer as appealing as it used to be?

5. Who are the invisible people in our country?

6. Who are the women construction workers?

7. To eat shark, or not to eat shark?

8. What does it mean to be cyber-bullied?

9. APIs look for love by logging on

10. Do Asian parents prefer boys over girls?

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