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For Japan, attack is key to World Cup revival

For Japan, attack is key to World Cup revival

By Joji Sakurai
Associated Press

Shinji Kagawa

ITU, Brazil (AP) – Shinji Kagawa had a tormented, sleepless night after Japan was beaten by Ivory Coast under a torrential Brazilian downpour.

He knows now that there’s only one way to get back into the World Cup: Attack.

“We just have to go for it,” the Manchester United star said last week, after a practice session.

As he greeted reporters at the team’s base camp in Itu, Kagawa admitted with a sheepish grin: “Didn’t sleep last night … The next match was on my mind but it was really yesterday that weighed. I was miserable to my heart’s content. But just need to snap out of that … and go for the win.” Read the full story

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