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BLOG: Helicopter tragedy hits home for journalists

BLOG: Helicopter tragedy hits home for journalists

By Assunta Ng


Scene of Tuesday’s helicopter crash near the Seattle Center (Photo from KOMO-TV)

The KOMO-TV helicopter crash near the Seattle Center on Tuesday, resulting in the death of the pilot and photojournalist, troubles me. Read the full story

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BLOG: My ‘rainbow breakfast’ for health and taste

BLOG: My ‘rainbow breakfast’ for health and taste


Colorful, delicious, and healthy…

By Assunta Ng

If you saw me eating breakfast, you would say, “That’s fancy!” Read the full story

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BLOG: Winter Olympics not for Asian nations

BLOG: Winter Olympics not for Asian nations

By Assunta Ng

Did you see there were few Asian countries participating in the Sochi Olympics? Well, most Asian countries are located in the tropics. They’d rather go for Summer Olympics — tropical sports.

There were only 89 countries in the 2014 Winter Olympics, which was considered a record high, as opposed to over 200 countries in the Summer Olympics in 2012.


Ski equipment

The truth is, only the richer Asian nations, such as China, Japan, and South Korea, can afford to train their athletes for the Winter Olympics. Winter sports cost a fortune in training and equipment.


Kristi Yamaguchi (Photo from Kristi Yamaguchi facebook page)

Former Olympian Kristi Yamaguchi, who won her gold medal in figure skating for America in 1992, said it cost her family over $1 million for her training. The skates are expensive. A figure skating costume by a famous designer can cost more than $35,000. Notice the athletes need to have three new dazzling outfits to compete for the short, long, and exhibition shows. No athlete puts on the same costume during these programs.

And oh, they couldn’t dress shabby for their practice either, as the reporters were watching and photographing. Their practice dresses looked just as stunning. Just to participate in the figure skating Olympics competition could cost over $100,000. That’s not including airfare and hotel.

Take another winter sport like cross-country skiing. The equipment, including skis, poles, gears, bindings, and clothes (jackets, boots, pants, face warmer, helmet, goggles, mask, gloves, socks, and beanie) are all necessary for the competition. The bill for these essentials is over $100,000. How can an Indian, Nepalese, Vietnamese, or Burmese citizen afford to foot the bill?



The good news is that the next Winter Olympics will be held in an Asian nation, South Korea, in 2018. I suspect more Asian nations will be more prepared to join the games.


Russian President Putin

President Putin, you need a makeover!

Russian President Putin never smiled during the Olympics until the closing ceremony. Didn’t his aides remind him, “Smile, you are on camera! The world is watching!”

President Putin, you don’t have to look so angry, stuffy, and tense. You are not a general, but a leader. You are not dealing with spies at the Olympics. This was your opportunity to change the image of the old Russia, and showcase the new Russia’s positive aspects. You just killed a golden opportunity!

Haven’t you learned anything from President Obama? Charisma can carry you a long way, win friends and even enemies, and cultivate surprising goodwill and influence.

Every time Obama travels outside the United States, thousands come to see him. Obama knows how to charm. He projects what a 21st century leader should be.

Mr. Putin, you really need an image consultant to soften you up or give you a makeover! (end)

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BLOG: Ambassador Locke amused by rumors

BLOG: Ambassador Locke amused by rumors

By Assunta Ng


From left, Mona and Gary Locke, Lily and Fred Shiosaki, and Michael Shiosaki (Photo by George Liu/NWAW)

The Chinese media have been stirring up all kinds of rumors since U.S. Ambassador to China Gary Locke announced his resignation. First they claimed that he resigned because of an affair, then they said he had liver illness. One Taiwanese newspaper even printed a story of his liver transplant on the front page. Read the full story

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BLOG: Will Lee be Bellevue mayor again?

BLOG: Will Lee be Bellevue mayor again?


Bellevue Mayor Conrad Lee

Bellevue Mayor Conrad Lee, the first ethnic mayor for the City, will end his two-year term on Jan. 6. He’s also the only person of color at the City Council. Lee, 74, wants to be mayor again for another two years.

The trouble is that five other Bellevue council members are also interested in the No. 1 seat. Read the full story

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BLOG: Holiday gifts with an Asian f lair

BLOG: Holiday gifts with an Asian f lair

By Assunta Ng

Giving the wrong gift to the wrong person produces no joy. For Christmas gifts, I stay away from personal clothes, handbags, or hats. However, you won’t go wrong if you buy general gifts that reflect Asian culture.

Here are a list of suggestions I got from my staff and writers.


Chopsticks (Photo by Assunta Ng/NWAW)


Jun Chen, Seattle Chinese Post graphics designer, bought chopsticks from Uwajimaya for her son’s grade-school teachers. She said the teachers were thrilled to receive the gifts. One said she never realized that chopsticks could be a work of art.


Tea (Photo by Assunta Ng/NWAW)


Tea has less caffeine than coffee. It has health benefits — green tea possesses antioxidants and refreshes the mind.

Asian teas have such a variety that you can choose from all kinds of flavors and prices. Today, teas are nicely packaged and decorated, so you can simply give the tea without using wrapping paper. Besides, tea boxes can be recycled as containers for other things, such as candies and crackers. I use my tea boxes for business cards of foreign journalists.

For nutritious tea, such as ginseng, go to Chinatown herbal shops. There are huge selections of brands of ginseng tea in the form of both powder and leaves.


Sake (Photo by Assunta Ng/NWAW)


Most people go to dinner parties with a bottle of wine. How about bringing the host a bottle of sake? Your gift will stand out from the others.

Sake is inexpensive. Uwajimaya has sake at $7.99 for a big bottle.


Adams Bench wine (Photo by George Liu/NWAW)

Another good idea is to buy local wine produced by an Asian American. Ben Zhang’s company, Greater China Industries, has created Leonetti and Adams bench Washington wines, which are made in Walla Walla. The wine is highly rated, and has been served at the White House for President Obama’s events.

Books for kids and adults

If you have trouble picking out a good book for your friends, my writer Samantha Pak recommends “Songs of Willow Frost” by Jamie Ford.

This book is about a 12-year-old boy named William Eng, who has lived at an orphanage for five years after finding his mother unconscious in the bathtub. On a special trip to the theater, he sees a woman on screen that he thinks is his mother. After this, he sets out with his friend Charlotte to try and find her. The book takes place in Seattle during the Great Depression. It was interesting to read about what Seattle was like during this time period. But it was also heartbreaking because William and Charlotte have come to accept the difficulties ahead of them, as one of them is Asian and the other is disabled. The journey for the two to find William’s mother is inspiring to read.

For children, Pak recommends the “Haruhi Suzumiya” series by Nagaru Tanigawa. The first in the series is “The Melancholy of Haruhi Suzumiya.” The series follows a group of high school students in a club called the SOS Brigade, which exists to keep Haruhi Suzumiya happy, as she supposedly has the power to (unknowingly) destroy the world if she is not happy. This is a fun series filled with time travel, aliens, espers, and more. Each installment is a new adventure for the Brigade and while it isn’t in chronological order, due to the time travel, it is fairly easy to follow.


Bruce Lee (Photo by Assunta Ng/NWAW)

Little toys

Find the kid in you. Modern Trading presents a list of toys that adults would be fond of, too. Take the Bruce Lee imitation figures in kickboxing style. Once you see it, you will want one in your living room.


Lucky money

Lucky money

The U.S. Treasury has designed the exquisite Lucky Money Collection with decorative Chinese symbolism capturing the significance of the numbers “8888” and “168,” as well as the Zodiac celebrating the Lunar Year of the Horse. The number 8 in Chinese culture signifies having wealth.


Chocolate bears & Santas (Photo by Assunta Ng/NWAW)


Who doesn’t love chocolate?

I never refuse chocolate. Uwajimaya has golden chocolate-shaped bears and Santa Clauses. It costs very little for a figurine to be put under a Christmas tree or on the fireplace mantle.


Mochi chocolate (Photo by Assunta Ng/NWAW)

The other option is mochi chocolate. It’s about $9.99 for a beautiful box in five flavors. I like all the flavors.

Asian restaurants and grocery store gift certificates

If you want to be really safe, go for gift certificates from Asian restaurants and grocery stores. Everyone needs to buy groceries.

Support Asian restaurants by introducing them to your friends. The food industry makes up about 60 percent of our community’s businesses. Do your part to help them.

Give a gift to your loved ones. You will see their smiles when they open it. The thrill and joy of opening a gift is almost universal among us. (end)

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BLOG: “I am grateful” is not enough

BLOG: “I am grateful” is not enough

Nate Miles

By Assunta Ng

Community leader Nate Miles had a brain tumor early this year. While he still has it, he is feeling so much better now. Nate knew a village of friends and family were praying for him fervently.

To show his gratitude towards God’s mercy, Nate started a website, abillionthanksmandela.com, for people to thank the ex-president of South Africa, Nelson Mandela, who has been ill. Nate’s goal is to reach one billion people, spreading Mandela’s legacy and inspiration. Read the full story

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BLOG: My lucky day

BLOG: My lucky day

By Assunta Ng

Diane Narasaki and UW president Michael Young (Photo by Assunta Ng/NWAW)

Oct. 26 was my lucky day. No, I didn’t win a lottery. Nor did I get a big business deal. You think I got a “scoop” for a story? Wrong. Read the full story

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BLOG: Seattle Chinese Radio dream

By Assunta Ng

The other day, a man called me saying he was from a group trying to start the Seattle chinese Radio. Although the group claimed to be the first, Read the full story

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