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‘Outrage’ aptly portrays yakuza, but too gory

‘Outrage’ aptly portrays yakuza, but too gory

By Andrew Hamlin
Northwest Asian Weekly

Takeshi Kitano’s new film “Outrage” opens with the camera panning slowly across a group of men slouching against luxury cars, some fanning themselves in the heat. They are the yakuza promised in the film’s advance publicity, but they are not stylish. They do not immediately look dangerous.

The filmmaker loses sight of many things in this disappointing film, but this new look at the Japanese gangsters’ world, a realistic and anti-romantic view going against the grain of earlier yakuza movies, is the one thing he gets right.

The men outside are waiting for their bosses inside the building to finish business. They take their orders from the supreme boss, “Mr. Chairman” (played by Sôichirô Kitamura), and the meeting isn’t over until he says, “We’re done here.”

Takeshi Kitano’s own character, Otomo, isn’t invited in. He gets to wait outside with the other flunkies, although he runs a crew of savagely violent men, who help the bosses get things done. Read the full story

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