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UW professor devises reform in Chinese hukou system

UW professor devises reform in Chinese hukou system

By Imana Gunawan
Northwest Asian Weekly

UW geography professor Kam Wing Chan

At the heart of “the world’s factory” are 230 million rural migrants in China living below the poverty line. Currently, a University of Washington professor is trying to help them move to the cities, acquire equal opportunities and reform the Chinese national or even global economy.

Kam Wing Chan, geography professor at the UW, has been studying the Chinese hukou system for more than 30 years. The hukou, established in 1958 to control Chinese residents’ movements from rural to urban areas, is a record in the household registration system required by law in the People’s Republic of China. If rural residents wish to move the urban areas, they must obtain permission from the police and go through the relevant bureaucracies, which would give them rights to benefits such as unemployment, retirement, and even education in the city. Chan is looking for ways to reform the hukou system. Read the full story

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