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COMMENTARY: Dad, you’ll be missed!

COMMENTARY: Dad, you’ll be missed!

By James Wong
For Northwest Asian Weekly

James Wong, left, and his dad, King Kuen Wong

I didn’t think I would feel this way even six months ago, but I really miss my dad. We’ve had a rocky relationship for most of our lives.

I had never seen my dad in person until I was 8 years old. He escaped China when he was 22 and almost died twice. During their escape, they could only walk at night — afraid of being caught — and it was pitch dark in the mountainous wilderness. Once, he said something didn’t feel right, so he stopped. If he had taken one more step, he would have fallen off the side of a steep mountain. He also had to swim across the Hong Kong bay on plastic floating bags. Read the full story

Posted in Commentaries, Vol 33 No 25 | 6/14-6/20Comments (4)


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