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SHELF: NWAW’s September must-reads

SHELF: NWAW’s September must-reads

By Samantha Pak
Northwest Asian Weekly

“Hot, Hot Roti for Dadda-ji”
Written by F. Zia, Illustrated by Ken Min
Lee & Low Books, 2011

Whenever Aneel’s grandparents visit, they tell him stories about their lives growing up in an Indian village.

During one particular visit, Aneel’s grandfather, Dadda-ji, tells him that when he was a boy, Dadda-ji had the power of a tiger, thanks to fluffy-puffy hot, hot roti with a bit of tongue-burning mango pickle. After Dadda-ji ate the roti, a type of pan-fried flatbread, he could wrestle water buffaloes, tie cobras into knots, swing three elephants by their tales, and even touch the sky with his bare feet. Read the full story

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