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Eric Liu on being a Chinese American

Eric Liu on being a Chinese American

By Andrew Hamlin
Northwest Asian Weekly


An author, activist, and cultural analyst, Eric Liu teaches civic leadership at the Read the full story

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COMMENTARY: China’s awkward banana slip

COMMENTARY: China’s awkward banana slip


Eric Liu

By Eric Liu
Special For Northwest Asian Weekly

A few days ago in Beijing, as Gary Locke wrapped up his tenure as United States Ambassador to China, he was lambasted in a Chinese state media editorial. The piece called Locke a “guide dog” and said he had stirred an “evil wind.” Worst of all, it called him a “banana.” Read the full story

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Eric Liu participates in ‘Superman is an Immigrant’ campaign

Eric Liu participates in ‘Superman is an Immigrant’ campaign

names_liu.jpg (300×400)

Eric Liu’s contribution to the “Superman is an Immigrant” project

Eric Liu, current host of Seattle Voices and former Clinton advisor and speechwriter, took part in the HP Alliance and Define American’s “Superman is an Immigrant” campaign, providing a picture and personal story to the project.

Liu’s contribution read “2nd Generation Chinese American[.] My grandfather’s name meant ‘Deliverance of the Nation’[.] I AM THE AMERICAN WAY[.]”

His contribution joins 38 others from various sources. (end)

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Liu to run for state senate?

Liu to run for state senate?

Though he has not formally announced his intention to run for the 37th district seat in the Washington State Senate, Eric Liu shares a few of his thoughts on what he thinks local government should do.


Eric Liu is a writer, mentor, and former Clinton speech writer. So what’s to come next for this educator? (Photo by Alan Alabastro)

By Vivian Luu
Northwest Asian Weekly

It’s no secret that Eric Liu was former President Bill Clinton’s speech writer and political adviser, but word on the street is that he might run for the 37th district seat in the Washington State Senate.

The 37th district stretches from Madison Valley to Rainier Valley, inching into Renton. Known as Washington’s “rainbow district,” its population is about a third Black, a third Asian, and a third white. In addition to job security, health care, and education, the district’s legislators have a long history of promoting culture and diversity policy.

“We can use a new kind of energy,” Liu said. “My way of moving in the community is trying to bring different kinds of people together around common goals. We can use more of that in our political leaders. I can help bring that.”

Liu brings to the table experience as deputy domestic adviser in the Clinton administration and with that, policy expertise in culture and entrepreneurship.

Education is Liu’s primary focus, and justifiably so. The 37th district consists of many families that can’t provide children with help on their homework because little English is spoken at home. It is where unemployment is taking a toll on families — like everywhere else — but support is limited for children as parents go through the daily grind. Read the full story

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