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Ming-Ming Tung-Edelman  — Key role in helping local chapter of Chinese American Citizens Alliance

Ming-Ming Tung-Edelman — Key role in helping local chapter of Chinese American Citizens Alliance

By Staff
Northwest Asian Weekly

http://www.nwasianweekly.com/wp-content/uploads/2015/34_47/top_ming.jpgThe Asian Weekly is proud to recognize both Ming-Ming Tung-Edelman and Chinese American Citizens Alliance (CACA) as top contributors.

Tung-Edelman masters and manages an unusual variety of  tasks.

She is a pharmacologist at the busy Polyclinic in Seattle, where she deals with anything related to pharmacology and prescriptions. She is also avidly interested in working with young children with her company Mimibug. But, this summer, she was mostly busy with something else.

She was one of the prime (if not main) organizers of the  53rd Biennial Convention held Aug. 6-9 – an impressive responsibility.

CACA was founded in 1895 by a group of Chinese Americans in San Francisco. Since its inception, the alliance has played a role in many civil rights milestones – including the Magnuson Act, which repealed the Chinese Exclusion Act of 1882, and supporting the Civil Rights Act of 1965. CACA has now grown to 18 chapters across the country with a national board of representatives.

And the Seattle chapter, the youngest chapter, is spearheaded by Tung-Edelman.

http://www.nwasianweekly.com/wp-content/uploads/2015/34_47/caca.jpg“CACA is a united voice for Chinese Americans to protect our civil rights and interests,” said Tung-Edelman.

“We have been lobbying in D.C. every year – topics ranging from immigration reform, historical preservation, more Asian judicial nominations, and a Medal of Honor to be granted to the late Kirk Lee.”

Tung-Edelman proposed that Seattle’s natural beauty, civically engaged residents, and large thriving Asian community would appeal to the national audience. The proposal worked. Seattle was picked for the convention.

Tung-Edelman said Jerry Lee  encouraged her all along to get the convention held in Seattle. Lee was the honorary chair of the 53rd Biennial National Convention. He also hosted a lunch at Anthony’s for the delegates on Aug. 6. This was a real honor for the city because Seattle is the “newbie” chapter.

Tung-Edelman said she worked on the bid two years ago and had been working to organize the convention. More than 140 Chinese delegates came from all over the United States.

“It’s interesting to meet fourth- generation Chinese Americans who speak with a Texas accent, coming in with cowboy hats and boots.” She found it inspiring to meet Chinese Americans with diverse backgrounds from all over the country.  The convention’s theme was “Inspiration, Integration, Interaction.”

The highlights of the convention included a tour of the Chinatown International District and the Wing Luke Asian Museum, organized by community advocate Bettie Luke. Workshops on researching railway workers’ lives and historic preservation were conducted.

Tung-Edelman said there are a lot of railway workers’ descendants in the Unites States. The convention addressed the 150th anniversary of railroad building in the United States. A section on mental health was taught at the Asian Counseling and Referral Service.

When she’s not busy organizing national events, perhaps Tung-Edelman can offer tips regarding pharmacology. (end)

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CACA team to present at National Social Studies Conference

CACA team to present at National Social Studies Conference


From left to right: Maxine Loo, Joanne Dufour, Ming-Ming Tung-Edelman, and Bettie Luke.

The Chinese American Citizens Alliance (CACA) will be making a presentation entitled “60 years of Read the full story

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