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BLOG: What Asia airlines have, U.S. doesn’t

BLOG: What Asia airlines have, U.S. doesn’t

By Assunta Ng


One of ANA’s Boeing 787s (Photo by George Liu/NWAW)

When you fly on Asian airlines from Seattle to Asia, you’ll discover that U.S. carriers have much to learn from their Asian counterparts. Food and services are much more superior. And Asian carriers are making money, while U.S. carriers to Asia, are often struggling. What does it say our about competitiveness? Read the full story

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PICTORIAL: We fly 1st

PICTORIAL: We fly 1st

Last month, ANA Airlines celebrated the launch of its new route from Seattle to Tokyo (Narita), debuting the flight menu and inviting guests to experience the plane’s modern interior and spacious seats.

The new route will be its first direct flight from Seattle to Japan, and will include same day connecting flights to other Asian cities. ANA’s direct flight service will begin on July 25 with operations beginning on the Boeing 777 and transitioning to the Boeing 787 Dreamliner when available.

The launch party included a kagami-biraki (breaking open a sake barrel) ceremony for blessings and celebration.  Attendees also participated in a raffle for a pair of business class and coach tickets.(end)


Photos by George Liu/NWAW

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