Here is our media kit for the year of 2015: NWAW MEDIA KIT 2015

How to advertise with us

  1. Prepayment is required for new accounts.
  2. 1 – 2 tear sheets will be sent for each ad UPON REQUEST.
  3. Deadlines for advertising materials is Tuesday at noon.
  4. E-mail your ad to one of the ad representatives below:

Ad specs

To help us to serve you better, please follow our ad specs as follow:

  • PDF files must be “Press Optimized” with all images embedded, all fonts embedded, all colors in a printable color space, with correct layout properties and printer marks.
  • No Pantone colors and Spot colors.
  • Ad should be CMYK, black should be 100% black (C=0, M=0, Y=0, K=100%)
  • If black and white ad, color file should be in Grayscale for better printing.
  • Accept JPG, PDF, TIFF, EPS, AI, and PSD. PDF preferable.
  • Resolution must be at least 300 dpi.

Ad Rates for Northwest Asian Weekly and Seattle Chinese Post newspaper:

dimension in inches
NWAW = Northwest Asian Weekly | SCP = Seattle Chinese Post

Front page = 10.25 x 2.5
1/2 page horizontally, below fold only

NWAW: $964
Front full page, color only = 10.25 x 12.25
SCP: $1,896

Front half page, color only = 10.25 x 7.25
SCP: $1,409
Full page = 10.25 x 15.5
NWAW: $1,250
SCP: $988

1/2 page = 7.25 x 10.25
NWAW: $819 vertical
NWAW:  $646 horizontal
SCP: $657 vertical
SCP: $543 horizontal
1/3 page = 10.25 x 5
NWAW: $669 vertical
NWAW: $495 horizontal
SCP: $565 vertical
SCP: $448 horizontal

1/4 page = 5 x 7.5
NWAW: $392
SCP: $333
1/6 page = 5 x 5
NWAW: $286
SCP: $232

1/8 page = 4.75 x 3.5
NWAW: $236
SCP: $201
1/12 page = 4.75 x 2.5
NWAW: $164
SCP: $149

1/18 page = 3.25×2.5
NWAW: $95
SCP: $86

Web Ads:

  • Flash ads OK
  • Web-ready ads are preferred
  • If ad design services are needed by NWAW, there is a 10% additional fee

Homepage Banner Ad = 468 x 60 (pixels)

  • $210/week
  • $735/month
  • $2,625/6 months
  • $4,725/year

Homepage Block Ad = 300 x 250 (pixels)

  • $231/week
  • $840/month
  • $3,150/6 months
  • $5,250/year

Homepage Button Ad (top) = 125 x 125 (pixels)

  • $95/week
  • $315/month
  • $1,470/6 months
  • $2,625/year

Homepage Button Ad (bottom) = 125 x 125

  • $79/week
  • $263/month
  • $1,260/6 months
  • $2,310/year


Why you should advertise with us?

Reaching the Northwest’s Asian communities may be easier than you think.

Asian Pacific American communities have been called, “The market of the 21st century.” And the Pacific Northwest’s Asian Pacific American communities are among the nation’s most dynamic! Consider becoming a business partner with their preferred sources of news and information — the Northwest Asian Weekly and Seattle Chinese Post! The Northwest Asian Weekly offers readers more news and advertising than any other Asian newspaper in the region.

Our readers trust us because they know our goal is to empower the Asian Pacific American community. In 1992, the Northwest Asian Weekly raised over $40,000 for a nursing home. So far, we have raised more than $2 million for charitable organizations. And every year the Northwest Asian Weekly Foundation sponsors important training programs for our future leaders–our youth.

With a committed readership of 25,000, the Northwest Asian Weekly can offers its readers more news and advertising than any other Asian newspaper. We pride ourselves on giving special promotional support to our business partners, including opportunities for feature articles and introductions to local community groups. Please consider our sister publication, The Seattle Chinese Post.

Your organization’s promotional and advertising goals are important to us. We’ll help you design the tools you need to reach the Pacific Northwest’s Asian/Pacific American decision makers!


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