Put down that phone! – Report shows Asian Americans use smartphones more than others

By Jason Cruz
Northwest Asian Weekly

Whether it’s an iPhone or Android phone, Asian Americans are very comfortable using their smartphones. 

A recent Nielsen report states that 81 percent of Asian Americans have smartphones compared to 70 percent of the general public. The report also states that Asian Americans watch 19 percent more videos on smartphones per month than the average person.

A new mobile measurement tool devised by Neilsen enables TV stations to accurately and effectively measure Asian Americans’ viewing habits. An independent, full-powered station in the San Francisco-Oakland area has launched its local TV App, which will be able to measure the habits of its Asian American viewership. The research and insight should assist the station in targeting advertising.

According to a Nielsen survey in 2012, many Asians arrive from countries with a higher use of digital technology where mobile devices have surpassed traditional landlines and desktop computers. Asian Americans lead in high-speed internet access and in mobile connectivity through cell phones, laptops, and wireless networks in the United States.

The data suggests that Asian Americans utilize more phone apps, as well as use their phones to access social platforms such as Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter.

Based on the information, it reveals that Asian Americans use their phones for more than just calling home or texting a friend. (end)

Jason Cruz can be reached at info@nwasianweekly.com.

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