Panel discusses business opportunities

From left: Jerry Lee, Suzanne Dale Estey, and Kelly Ogilvie (Photo by George Liu/NWAW)

Business Opportunities in Washington,” a panel luncheon hosted by the Greater Seattle Chinese Chamber of Commerce, was held at Sun Ya restaurant in the International District last Friday, Aug. 8. Panelists included Jerry Lee, chairman of the board of Mulvanny G2 Architecture; Suzanne Dale Estey, President and CEO of Economic Development Council of Seattle and King County; and Kelly Ogilvie, of Quemulus, a Seattle start-up. Over 40 people attended the panel discussion, and topics ranged from issues of crowdfunding, (which can admittedly can be “high risk” according to Ogilvie, and Estey warned “to be prepared for accountability”).  Other issues included transportation—streetcar and mass transit development in Seattle’s downtown corridor, which can be a “major distraction” according to Ogilvie, but also a benefit. (end)

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