Jayapal receives NOW award


Pramila Jayapal

Pramila Jayapal, a recognized leader in local and national efforts to improve the lives of immigrants, low wage workers, communities of color, and women, is a co-recipient of the inaugural Olga Vives Award from the National Organization of Women (NOW).

In presenting the award, NOW President Terry O’Neill said, “Pramila Jayapal exemplifies the spirit and passion of NOW leader Olga Vives, an immigrant, a lesbian, and a single mom who worked for the rights of all women.

A “Women for Pramila” event will be held in Seattle on Aug. 1 in support of Jayapal’s campaign for Washington State Senate to represent the 37th District. Anyone interested in attending should contact info@electpramila.com.

Jayapal was founder and executive director for over a decade at the immigrant rights group OneAmerica. (end)

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