Audition for ‘The United States of China’

Nickolas Vassili, a mental health counselor in Fremont, has written a play and is calling for auditions.

“The United States of China,” depicts a bankrupt America in the year 2018, after the United States has defaulted on its debt to China. At the center of the play is a former U.S. fugitive named Mariam Hopkins, who is on trial for acts of terrorism against the United States of China.

While the play will feature a number of Chinese actors, speaking Chinese is not a requirement, said Vassili, although “it’s useful if they can speak the language,” he added.

Vassili plans to present the play as a series of readings in July, and he hopes to do a fully staged production in September.

The following parts are being cast:

Chinese guards – men in their early 20s

Mariam Hopkins – a woman in her late 30s

Josie Chen, Chinese lawyer – a woman in her early 40s

Charles Lin, Chinese prosecutor – a man in his mid-30s

Chinese court administrator – a man in his 40s

Chinese judge – a man in his late 60s

Three witnesses – A man in his 70s, a man in his 50s, and a woman in her 60s. (end)

For more information, contact Vassili at 206-284-3131 or

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