API student scholars honored

From left to right, top to bottom: Adrian Cepeda, Ha Doan, Siyu Lu, and Elizabeth Pring

Several outstanding API student scholarship recipients were recognized at the 44th annual “Celebration, Fête, and Honors,” held May 22 at the University of Washington. The scholars included Adrian M. Cepeda (Bank of America), Ha Doan (Educational Opportunity Program Celebration), Siyu Lu (Gary D. Kimura Family), and Elizabeth Pring (Educational Opportunity Program Celebration). The event raised over $300,000 to help benefit student scholarships. Denny Hurtado received the University of Washington’s Charles E. Odegaard Award. Other recognition scholars were Ashley Andelian, Fabiola Arroyo, Taylor Boyd, DiAndre Campbell, Lorina Crain, Damon J. Cunningham, Sharayah LaneAlonso Ponce-Moran, Ibette Valle, and Richard Vansiclen. (end)

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