Machete attack in the ID

Seattle police say a 62-year-old man suffered stab wounds on Thursday, May 8, during a 12:50 p.m. machete attack at Seventh Avenue S. and S. Main Street, an intersection on the north edge of the International District. Police said they failed to find anyone fitting bystanders’ description of the suspect. The attacker was said to have been carrying a machete with a silver blade and a decorative red handle.

The police said the victim was uncooperative and provided no information about the attack. The man suffered no life-threatening injuries, but had serious wounds to the shoulder and abdomen.

According to a report by SPD officer Patrick Michaud, the victim was transported to Harborview Medical Center for further treatment.

Witnesses described the suspect as a black male, 6’ to 6’2 tall, short hair, clean shaven, and wearing a long sleeve beige shirt and dark pants. Anyone with more information is asked to call 911. (end)

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