LETTER: Be careful in downtown Seattle


Debadutta Dash and his damaged car. (Photo courtesy of Debadutta Dash)

Dear Editor,

This is to share some horrible experience I had recently. Fortunately, there was no physical injury involved here. My vehicle, parked on a street got vandalized near the Terry Ave. and Stewart St. crossing on the night of Thursday, April 29. Someone smashed the rear windshield and stole my gym bag from the car. The incident took place between 7:30 p.m. and 9:45 p.m. I have reported it to the SPD and am still waiting to receive the case number.

Even though the damage is mostly covered by my insurance company (I’m lucky to have the comprehensive coverage with a low deductible), it is a sheer waste of time and resources, and was very scary. After talking to many business owners and residents in the neighborhood, I learned that this type of vandalism has been happening on a pretty regular basis. I feel that the business owners and the City of Seattle need to collaborate and install security cameras at strategic locations to deter these activities and ensure the safety of the public and their property.

Please be careful and cautious on your next visit to Seattle downtown. (end)

 — Debadutta Dash

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