#S.W.A.G. (Something We Asians Got)

I’m Asian
It doesn’t matter what type
Your hair doesn’t have to be the color of a blackberry-ripe

I’m Asian
My chopsticks pick up rice
We eat the best food in life
From the egg rolls to the curry rice

I’m Asian
People make fun of the way that we are created
But that doesn’t get us deflated
That’s what makes us Asian!

I’m Asian!
Hi chews and Japanese candy
Those are the things that make me happy
It’s fun being Asian!

My Asian family has pride
For the community in which we thrive
I’m Asian!

No Asian is perfect, but they are definitely worth it!
We Asians work it!

I’m Asian and I love my life
Do you want more rice?

–Maia Malakoff

Maia Malakoff is a 6th grade student at Seattle Girls’ School. She wrote this poem for her humanities class.

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