Biased, wrong reporting

The following letter to King 5 News was sent to the NW Asian Weekly for publication.

Dear Editor,

I saw a story on your 6 p.m. news clip last night reported by Lynda Byron on the mayor’s minimum wage symposium that was very biased and wrong. In the news clip, Ms. Byron interviewed and reported that the symposium attendees consisted of all supporters for the minimum wage increase and there was only one lone person attending that was opposed.

I can attest that this statement is wrong as I was there at the event, as were many of my fellow small business owners. We are all opposing the minimum wage increase. The attendees were made up of a good mix of both sides of the debate and we were there to learn and listen.

However, the kind of statements made by your reporter sends the wrong message to the people and voters of Seattle, that most people are in support of the wage increase when that is not true. This leaves me to beg the question if King 5 is in support of this initiative and is using the King 5 media platform to sway public opinion. (end)

— Taylor Hoang, Seattle

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