Hing Hay will expand; you’ll still have mail

By Sue Misao
Northwest Asian Weekly


Hing Hay Post Office (Photo by Sue Misao/NWAW)

The new post office in the International District will be about 140 steps from the old one. Patrons with P.O. boxes at the current post office will have their same P.O. boxes at the new one. And all the moving will be done over one weekend.

That’s the plan, says Ernie Swanson, Seattle Post Office Communications Program Specialist.

“Everything that’s available to customers at the current location will be available at the new one,” said Swanson — same employees, same hours, same everything.

The new location will be just around the corner, in a smaller, empty space at the Bush Hotel on Jackson Street between Maynard and 6th.

The process of relocating is already in place, said Swanson, but the final move of the boxes will occur in about two months.

It’s not clear if the newspaper stands currently in front of the post office will also make the move, since they are privately owned and sit on city property.

The biggest impact on local residents, said Swanson, is that they will be enjoying the new expanded Hing Hay Park when it takes over the space of the current post office, which will be torn down.

The final community Hing Hay Park design meeting was held Feb. 25, in which a variety of park features were discussed, such as landscaping, events, ping pong and other exercise areas, play areas, seating, lighting, and art. The next step for the Parks and Recreation Department is to develop construction documents, get permits, fine-tune the details, and figure out costs.

The name “Hing Hay” means “Park for pleasurable gatherings.” (end)

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