Youth invited to get creative

Creative Children for Charity (3C) is taking nominations for a new art project, “40 Story’s.”
The project is geared toward bringing youth together through art and creativity by highlighting 40 assets of leadership. Participants will meet three times, beginning Feb. 16, from 1 p.m. to 4 p.m., at Daniel Smith in Bellevue, where art materials will be distributed.

Finished art pieces will be collected at the second meeting on March 16, also at Daniel Smith. The final meeting will be a big celebration in April.

To register or for more information, visit or e-mail Catalina Raggi at

Creative Children for Charity, or 3C, is a program for inspiring children and teens to volunteer their time and talent to raise money for social causes through art.

The goal of the program is to provide an environment for children and teens to be creative and have fun, while also nurturing a spirit of social consciousness. (end)

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