Washington lawmakers pass state’s own ‘DREAM’ act

Officially named “The Real Hope Act,” Washington State Senate Bill 6523 is being referred to as Washington’s “DREAM Act” because it allows students brought here illegally as children to be eligible to receive financial aid for college.

On Tuesday, Feb. 18, the House passed the bill 75-22. It will be sent to Governor Jay Inslee for signing. The measure includes a $5 million appropriation.

The governor, who strongly supported the bill, released the following statement:

“While we’ve opened the doors of our colleges and universities to students from all walks of life, too many still face an insurmountable financial barrier. This bill ensures that the young men and women we’ve invested in at our high schools and who aspire to become productive American citizens will now have fair access to the financial support they need to turn their dreams into reality.”

Washington is the fourth state in the country to approve state financial aid to undocumented students. (end)

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