Nakano named to Washington Health Benefit Exchange board

Hiroshi Nakano (Photo courtesy of ICHS)

The International Community Health Services (ICHS) has announced the appointment of its ICHS board secretary Hiroshi Nakano to the Washington Health Benefit Exchange board.

Nakano, a native of Fife, has been with ICHS for 16 years, serving in a variety of leadership positions on the board. He earned his undergraduate degree in sociology from the University of Washington and his MBA at Cornell University.

As a member of the Board of the Benefits Exchange, Nakano wants “to make sure that the Exchange stays responsive to the consumer and provides the broadest possible access to the public, especially to vulnerable and underserved populations and those who have difficulty accessing the website.”

Nakano is the chief executive officer of NeoSpine, a spine surgery and pain management practice based in Puyallup, with additional offices in Seattle and Poulsbo. (end)

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