Exhibit your art in a Seattle storefront


Passersby stop to view a Seattle Storefronts art project. (Photo courtesy of Seattle Storefronts)

Storefronts, a program that connects vacant storefront buildings with art and creative projects, is calling for submissions from local artists.

The program offers short-term, rent-free space for art installations and creative enterprises in vacant spaces or underutilized windows in various urban neighborhoods.

The program began in 2010 to address high vacancy rates in the International District and Pioneer Square, by activating empty storefronts with vibrant art and creative projects. The mission is to provide opportunities for artists to “create dynamic, engaging works that reach out to passersby, add life and color to our environment, and function as an incubator for entrepreneurial projects and urban revitalization.”

Two such projects, Seattle’s Pinball Museum and the Massive Monkees hip hop dance school, turned into permanent Chinatown businesses.

Deadline for submissions is Feb. 21. (end)

For information, visit www.storefrontsseattle.com or call 206-905-1026 ext. 104.

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