Community organizations speak up for hungry families

Seventy-one organizations from across the state have joined together to call for full restoration of State Food Assistance for Washington children, elders, and families.

The organizations, representing people in communities of color and anti-hunger organizations like food banks, are asking state legislators to restore full funding to State Food Assistance, a crucial form of food support for children in immigrant families.

State Food Assistance delivers benefits to eligible individuals — migrants lawfully residing in the state of Washington — who don’t qualify for Food Stamps due to their immigration status. The program helps feed an estimated 12,000 children whose families come from places such as Mexico, Eritrea, Vietnam and the South Pacific.

State Food Assistance recipients were hit along with Basic Food (SNAP) by across-the-board cuts on Nov. 1. The new Farm Bill, passed by Congress on Feb. 5, brings additional cuts.

“All children deserve healthy, good food at breakfast, lunch and dinner, so they can grow up and be the strong workers, parents, and leaders our future depends on,” says Faaluaina Pritchard, executive director of the Asia Pacific Cultural Center in Tacoma. “Children deserve a great start in life. That means good schools, health care, and the nutritious food that helps a child learn.” (end)

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