BLOG: Bachelor’s wedding (yawn!)

By Assunta Ng

Sean Lowe and Catherine Giudici (Photo from Catherine Giudici’s Facebook page)

The two-hour show “The Bachelor” on ABC featuring the wedding of Sean Lowe and Catherine Giudici was so scripted and controlled that I found it hard to keep my attention on it for the whole show. ABC stretched the 20-minute wedding into two hours by including lots of old clips. TiVo saved my day. I skipped the first part.

Had it not been for Catherine, I wouldn’t have watched it. There was no fun, excitement, or surprises during the wedding. Part of the fun of weddings comes when the guests roast or toast the newlyweds with their silly but irresistible romantic stories. If Asian culture had been part of the wedding theme, that would have made the whole show more colorful and interesting. The couple couldn’t invite many of their friends to participate — ABC was the boss, not the couple.

Food is also a big part of wedding rituals. But you can’t see any of those elements in a television-sponsored wedding. The wedding was made for the convenience of television production. It simply lacked creativity, as well as the couple’s style and personalities. The only real part is that Sean and Catherine are a gorgeous couple and very much in love.

Perhaps Sean and Catherine should hold their own private wedding party afterwards, creating their own signature event.

The good things about this wedding were that ABC paid for everything, and lots of people watched, whether admiringly or disapprovingly.

Oh well, that’s life! You can’t have everything. (end)

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