LETTER: Racism at restaurant?

Dear Editor,

If you think that Seattle is a city of diversity and respect, think twice. I’d like to share with you my dining experience that was racially motivated. Seemingly, it would only happen in the 1930s or 1940s.

On Nov. 30, around 6 p.m., my wife and I arrived at Mexico Cantina & Cocina, located in Pacific Place Center in Seattle.

The hostess was a Latino lady who was very nice and friendly. She led us to the small dining area, which was connected to the large formal dining room area with a nice view, and she seated us.

The waiter, who was a white man, passed us by several times. We sat there for almost 15 minutes, and still were not served. Later on, a group of white folks came in and this waiter went on to serve them, and continued to ignore us.

So we left and told the hostess the reason why when we left.

Our city and society is only going to get more diverse, and we will only see more non-whites and more interracial couples, and more non-white husbands with white wives. If the white supremacists do not like to see that, too bad!

— Sherman Hu

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