LETTER: Fired fairly


Dear Editor, 

Reading your September article about the APDC supporting Jeff Chen in his retrial saddened me. I believe that the facts in the Chen case clearly showed a man out of control and a leader who had lost the support and respect of his officers because of his abuses of power. We are living in a society where there undoubtedly is discrimination, but it was not a factor in this situation. Chen was hired by Medina, and if I’m not mistaken, they were aware that he was an Asian when they gave him the job! The APDC should use their resources to seek out discrimination instances, where Asians are denied the opportunity to get jobs, and not make some knee-jerk decision to support Chen, who probably would have been fired much earlier if he had been white!

— Sam Hurst

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  1. Mark says:

    The only fact you cited was that he was hired by Medina. Much of this case was about the actions of Donna Hanson who fired him. Did she hire him? Check your facts but I doubt it. Based on your logic there would never be a lawsuit in most cases where someone sued their employer because at some point they would had to have been hired by the same employer. Discrimination cases require looking at the actions of the individuals involved, not making sweeping generalizations. You are the one that is being kneejerk.


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