EDITORIAL: It ‘looks like Seattle,’ but how will it act?

Mayor-elect Murray’s transition committee certainly reflects diversity. He calls it “a team that looks like Seattle,” and so far that’s true enough. And while it’s a good start, one has to wonder — is it for show or substance?

The Asian Americans named to the team include an impressive array of community leaders, but we’ll withhold judgment until the mayor-elect reveals his appointments to head city departments — the people who will be advising him and running this town. How much power will he give to people of color?

When Mayor McGinn was elected, he hired two deputy mayors, Phil Fujii and Darryl Smith — both people of color. We were especially excited to see an Asian American in such a high position, but within a few months, Fujii resigned for health reasons. It was disappointing that he was never replaced.

What we need now is Murray’s commitment to appointing Asian Americans to top positions, thereby giving voice to the API community, and keeping their concerns on the front burner. (end)

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