Counties certify election, state to follow next week

On Tuesday (Nov. 26), results from Washington State’s Nov. 5 election were certified by each county.

The state will reconcile and certify the counties’ results on Dec. 4.

In King County, 562,549 people voted. The results include the following APA candidates, their opponents, and number of votes received by each (plus the mayor’s race):

Metropolitan King County Council
District No. 1
Rod Dembowski 44,056
Naomi Wilson 14,045

District 9
Reagan Dunn 31,469
Shari Song 22,927

City of Bellevue
Council Position No. 2
Lyndon Heywood 6,209
Conrad Lee 22,419

Council Position No. 6
Lynne Robinson 17,624
Vandana Slatter 10,537

City of Mercer Island
Council Position No. 6
Rich Erwin 2,949
Benson Wong 5,665

City of SeaTac
Council Position No. 6
Pam Fernald 2,801
Joe Van 2,318

City of Seattle
Council Position No. 2
Richard Conlin 90,531
Kshama Sawant 93,682

Council Position No. 8
Mike O’Brien 117,011
Albert Shen 57,434

Seattle School District No. 1
Director District No. 7
Betty Patu 121,914

Bellevue School District No. 405
Director District No. 5
My-Linh Thai 15,642
Ed Luera 11,734

Kent School District No. 415
Director District No. 5
Bruce Elliot 12,717
Maya Vengadasalam 13,967

City of Seattle
Ed Murray 106,384
Mike McGinn 97,935

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