BLOG: “I am grateful” is not enough

Nate Miles

By Assunta Ng

Community leader Nate Miles had a brain tumor early this year. While he still has it, he is feeling so much better now. Nate knew a village of friends and family were praying for him fervently.

To show his gratitude towards God’s mercy, Nate started a website,, for people to thank the ex-president of South Africa, Nelson Mandela, who has been ill. Nate’s goal is to reach one billion people, spreading Mandela’s legacy and inspiration.

Nate is one of the few who has actually done something to show his gratitude after his struggles towards adversity. Most grateful people don’t really ponder taking actions to make a difference. They take for granted for the good things they receive in life. Saying “I am grateful,” “I have a blessed life,” or “Thank God” are pretty much the end of the story.

Simply writing thank-you notes or texting thanks to those who’ve contributed to your well-being is the first step. Your gratitude can extend beyond that, with a little imagination. I call it “grateful actions” to give back not only to your benefactors, but also to many, many other people, including strangers.

Why should you implement grateful deeds? Research has found that when you feel gratitude, it actually enhances your mood. It’s a source of happiness. And if you act on gratitude, you really are creating a paradise in your heart.

What grateful acts have you done lately? That’s what Thanksgiving is about. (end)

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