LETTER: Taishan Association would honor pioneers

I read with interest about the newly founded Taishan Association (“BLOG: Thinking big, that’s their motto” Vol. 32 No. 40) since, like many pioneers, my parents are from that region which was then called Toisan.

Community leaders like my Ah Ba founded North America’s Chinatowns.

For that reason, I hope the Taishan Association will establish its organization and leadership in the International District.

One great project would be the Seattle Chinatown International District Preservation and Development Authority’s Canton Alley renovation project, which was home to many pioneers.

The Kwong Yick West Building’s storefronts would be a great place for their headquarters and would do much to bring much needed new life to our community’s historic hub.

As an American-born Chinese (ABC) Taishanese, I welcome Ken Chen’s vision and openness to celebrate the Taishanese contributions to Washington’s cultural, economic and political heritages with the entire community. (end)

 — Vera Ing

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