Wise words for students — starting school in the Fall


“Make ethical behavior your foundation. Always do the right thing – you know what it is. Maximize your potential for good. Treat people right. Make the right decision when nobody’s looking – especially when nobody’s looking. Integrity: if you have it, nothing else matters; if you don’t have it, nothing else matters.”
— Dave Rule
Bellevue College

“Seattle Community Colleges provide the pathway to success for students and their families. We all benefit when everyone has a lifetime of opportunity.”
— Jill Wakefield
Seattle Community Colleges

“Good luck this school year! I will continue to fight in Washington, DC to ensure you receive a high quality education and that access to further education, job training, and job opportunities await.
— Congressman Adam Smith

“You can make the world a better place by building on things you love. Don’t let negativity eat you inside. Stay focused. Get off a good start. Have fun.”
— Nate Miles
Director of Government Relations for Lilly & Company
Founder of abillionthanksmandela.com

“Education is what makes people great. What you learn in school now will help you become who you want to be. So work hard, keep focused, and never give up.”
— Suzanne Dale Estey
Seattle School Board candidate, Position 4

“My advice: lean in to your experience. Take time to discover what you care about. Elementary school students, remember to hug someone every day and pick up your socks! Middle school students, follow your own path of discovery. High school students, think about what will feed your soul, not your pocketbook.  Best wishes for a successful year!”
— Jan Levy
Executive Director
Leadership Tomorrow

“Set a goal. Work hard to reach it. It can be improving grades, turning in homework on time, running a mile every day, or volunteering. Work with your parents or teachers to set your goal. The satisfaction of achieving your goal exceeds playing video games. Even if you cannot reach the goal, fight hard to get it. It will make you feel good, and your loved ones proud.”
— Dr. Kwan-Leung Chan
Waters Academy

“In this 21st century economy, math skills are the single most important skill to getting a good job and developing a career. Listen to your parents and study your math! You do not have to be a doctor or a lawyer, but do your math and maybe you’ll try to be a politician like I am.”
— Albert Shen
Seattle City Council candidate, Position 8

“My advice to students this Fall is to try something new this year.  Whether it is a class in a different field, a new sport, or a new club or activity, try something you have not tried before. The best thing about school is that you can go from playing golf and studying chemistry one year to learning about world religions and playing clarinet the next.”
— Erica Buckley
Law Offices of Buckley & Associates

“An education comes in many forms and shapes. Look out for opportunities to learn as you walk through the school door, which will open more doors for you. Respect your teachers, as they are the ones who are willing to share knowledge with you! Be a good friend! Have fun!”
— My-Linh Thai
Bellevue School Board candidate, District 5

“At South Seattle Community College, we tell our students ‘Start here, go anywhere!’ As you begin or  renew your academic pursuits, don’t forget to take advantage of the opportunities that are presented to you. Pursue your passions, pursue your dreams and turn them into your reality!”
— Gary Oertli
South Seattle Community College

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