EDI participant takes leadership program in Philippines


From left: Program participants Nico Barawid, Bea Querido, and Melissa Medina; Philippine Consul Mario Lopez de Leon, Jr.; Philippine Ambassador to the U.S. Jose Cuisia, Jr.; Philippine Sect. of Tourism Raomon Jimenez; and Philippine Pres. Benigno Aquino. (Photo from Bea Querido)

Maria Bea Querido, a current Leadership Discovery participant with the Executive Development Institute and a Boeing employee, was one of 10 young Filipinos from the United State to take part in the second annual Filipino American Youth Leadership Program. The program, hosted by the Embassy of the Philippines, took place in July of 2013 in Manila. The 10 emerging leaders took part in an immersive program, meeting with high ranking officials and policy makers in the Philippines, such as Vice President Jejomar Binay, Philippine Ambassador to the United States Jose Cuisia  Jr., Consul General to New York Mario Lopez de Leon Jr. as well as legislators, state officials, media, artists, and business leaders.

Following the program, Querido went on an education leave from Boeing in August to pursue a master’s degree in engineering in Spain. (end)

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