Dim Sum King ‘customer’ starts soy sauce scare

By Staff
Northwest Asian Weekly


A woman spraying soy sauce at a man in Dim Sum King on Aug. 26. (Photo from Dim Sum King)

Dim Sum King co-owner Amy Eng apologized to diners on Aug. 27 for the incident that took place on Aug. 25. Then, a 52-year-old woman walked into the restaurant and allegedly stole food, flipped over patron’s plates, and covered a man and his baby in chocolate milk and soy sauce. She also allegedly stole chicken feet, fried dumplings, and entered the kitchen area to eat.

When asked to leave by staff, including co-owner Zhen Yong Cai, she told restaurant patrons and staff to “go back to China,” and sprayed them with soy sauce and chocolate milk.

A customer called 911. Responding officers found diners waiting outside covered in food.

When confronted, the suspect reportedly slapped a police officer. The entire incident was captured on Dim Sum King’s security system and footage has been made available to the Asian Weekly.

As part of her apology, Eng invited diners who were present during the incident to come in for a free meal.

The woman was arrested and booked for harassment and assaulting an officer. (end)

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