Tsutakawa sculpture restored at Washington State fair


Gerard Tsutakawa (top right), son Kizamu (center), and Laura Pavola (top left)

In August 1983 Gov. John Spellman signed a proclamation recognizing Japanese American citizens who were evicted from their homes and placed in wartime internment camps. A living memorial sculpture by George Tsutakawa and his son Gerard Tsutakawa was erected at the Washington State Fair to honor Japanese Americans who were temporarily housed at “Camp Harmony” at the Fair facilities.

Although typical maintenance has always been a priority, the sculpture required a bronze specialist to highlight the memorial in its best light.

Gerard Tsutakawa offered to oversee restoration, bringing the sculpture back to its original vitality. He restoration will soon be finished.

The Tsutakawa sculpture has an accompanying plaque with an inscription from Governor Spellman, which he read at the unveiling on Aug. 21, 1983. It states that the sculpture “may forever stand as a reminder of the protections provided by our constitution are only as effective as the will of our citizens and our government to uphold them.” (end)

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