Mona Locke joins Komen Puget Sound

Mona Locke

Former Washington State First Lady Mona Locke has agreed to return to Komen Puget Sound on a consulting basis to fill in after the departure of Executive Director Cheryl Shaw. In this role, Locke will oversee operations and cultivate relations with donors and supporters, and oversee the hiring process for the next permanent executive director.

Shaw resigned her position in June to do more hands-on work, serving the needs of disadvantaged, inner city families and children.

Locke brings extensive nonprofit management experience to her new role at Komen Puget Sound. As first lady, Locke cochaired the Governor’s Commission on Early Learning with Melinda Gates and founded the Foundation for Early Learning, a non-profit organization working to ensure that every child enters school prepared to succeed.

Mona Locke will start on a part-time basis Aug. 1 and then go full time in September through December 2013. (end)

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