Portland fundraiser ensures funds for Astoria Chinese garden

names_garden.jpg (500×258)

An artist mock up of the finished Garden of Surging Waves

A Portland dinner raised over $400,000 for the construction of a Chinese garden in Astoria, Oregon earlier this month, ensuring the full funding of the garden’s construction.

The dinner was hosted at the home of Portland philanthropist Jordan Schnitzer. His mother, Arlene, offered to donate $250,000 to the project on the condition that the 40 other attendees at the fundraiser combined to match the donation.

Six of the families in attendance donated $20,000 each, and the Columbia Memorial Hospital donated $25,000, reported the Daily Astorian.

Before the fundraiser, the city had only approximately $970,000 of the $1.29 million needed to construct the garden. (end)

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