Graduating Edmonds twins forge own paths

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Kin Lap Wong (left) and twin brother Hong Lap Wong (right) will be headed separate ways come Fall. (Photo from Edmonds CC)

Hong Lap Wong and Kin Lap Wong are a lot alike, which is no surprise. They’re twins who grew up in Hong Kong and who both just graduated from Edmonds Community College on June 14. Now, they are both embarking on the next phases of their lives.

They could have remained close together this coming fall — both were accepted to the Johns Hopkins Carey Business School in Washington, D.C. — but the twins, who are 21, decided to forge their own paths. While Kin accepted Johns Hopkins’ offer, Hong will tackle Carlson School of Management at the University of Minnesota.

“That’s a big deal, because the Carlson School only accepts 40 students a year,” said Charlotte West, assistant coordinator for Edmonds CC’s Northwest Community College Initiative Program, a division of International Student Services.

“I feel kind of sad not being able to see my brother,” said Hong, who also goes by the nickname Sharmen.

“But there are a lot of apps out there that we will be able to communicate through.”

Kin agrees. “Of course, it will be very different. But we will both meet other people.”

The brothers, both earning their Associate of Arts degrees in business, don’t intend to finish their education with a bachelor’s degree. Hong says he will apply for an internship to determine what career field he wants to enter before getting his master’s. Kin is pondering a career as an investment broker and plans to get his master’s degree in Washington, D.C. or New York.

Hong, however, will know at least one person in Minnesota. His girlfriend at Edmonds CC, Jasmine Li, will also be attending the Carlson School of Management. Kin won’t be as lucky. His girlfriend Isis Hong, also graduating from Edmonds CC, plans to attend the University of Washington.

Both Hong and Kim agreed that their Edmonds CC instructors were supportive and knowledgeable and that they enjoyed their time in the Pacific Northwest.

“I liked everything about Edmonds Community College,” Hong said. “Everything but the rain.” (end)

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