BLOG: How I’ve lasted so long

By Assunta Ng

“How does she last so long even though the newspaper business is so challenging?” One of my competitors was wondering.

My secret for staying in the newspaper business for over 30 years is simple, but that same secret would probably get me fired if I worked for someone else.

Going to work late is my way of surviving in the newspaper business.

The first thing retirees will tell you that they don’t miss is getting up in the morning to work, so I decide years ago I would get up whenever I damn well please.

So why do I need to retire if I already work like a retiree? Why do I need to retire if I’m having fun?

I am having fun because I don’t just think about business, financial reward, or advertisements everyday. That would drive me nuts.

I choose to do things I want to do. That’s my mantra, and it makes my life interesting, exciting, and happy. Sometimes, I am honestly a little surprised that my choices have actually produced a positive impact on other people’s lives too.

My creativity, energy, and passion for the business are due to the fact that I don’t keep an alarm clock by my bedside. My body wakes up according to the natural flow of my biorhythms. There’s no stress when I get up. Some of my staff have told me that they are grateful that they don’t have to come to work early too. Why waste your time stuck in traffic anyhow?

For me, everyday is basically retirement. I get up, exercise, write, have breakfast, read the news for one or two hours, and then drink my green tea.

By the time I reach office, oops, it’s almost lunch time.

I have been living this lifestyle of self-indulgence for so long I don’t think I could ever change it. Now you understand why retirement seems so silly to me! (end)

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