APA Legislative Day brings crowd to Olympia

The crowd at the APA Legislative Day (Photo by Owen Lei)

Approximately 1,000 Asian and Pacific Americans came to Olympia to rally for continued funding of community programs and services on Tuesday, Feb. 19, as part of the 2013 APA Legislative Day.

The event was hosted by the Asian Pacific Islander Coalition (APIC) and brings participants from all over the state to the capital. Attendees rallied for language access and culturally competent care throughout the state’s health care reform, investments in efforts to close the achievement gap, and continued investment in community infrastructure.

The event began with cultural entertainment at 10 a.m., followed by the rally at 10:45 a.m. and meetings with the governor and legislators.

“APA Legislative Day is a key opportunity for Asian American and Pacific Islander communities to make their voices heard on issues of critical importance to the community,” said Diane Narasaki, chair of the APIC of King County. “The lives and wellbeing of all generations of our community is at stake.” (end)

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