Snoqualmie Casino heading into their fifth year

By Eric Booker
For the Northwest Asian Weekly

Photo from Snoqualmie Casino

Set amidst the majestic backdrop of the Snoqualmie Valley is what has become an unexpected gem, the Snoqualmie Casino.  Snoqualmie is heading into its fifth year of operation and is the premier casino in the Northwest.

Since its inception, the Snoqualmie Casino has established itself as a true leader in the gaming entertainment world, as well as the place to come to have a great time, great food, and a great experience when one is looking for a night out on the town or a casual daytrip.

Snoqualmie Casino opened its doors in November 2008.  If there was ever a time not to open a casino, or any business for that matter, that was it.  But in an uncertain economic time when people were being laid off from their jobs, the housing market had fallen, and the Northwest was experiencing one of the worst winters in over 15 years, Snoqualmie Casino did something most casinos would not have been able to do — survive.  Not only did Snoqualmie Casino survive, but they also thrived and created over 1,100 jobs in Washington.

To ensure consistent and quality customer service, all new hires went through a thorough training program that emphasized not only their direct job responsibilities, but also customer service and guest relations.

Its staff trained, the Snoqualmie Casino needed to have a marketing strategy in place, one that was tailored to the surrounding community.

Snoqualmie Casino was able to achieve that through the hiring of talented individuals from many different backgrounds that work at the casino to this day.

A large segment of the casino guests are of Asian nationality. Working with the different personalities at the casino, it has been a successful marriage.

“I am very happy that our casino is such a popular choice of the Asian Community in the Greater Seattle area,” Jon Jenkins, CEO of the casino, said when asked about his thoughts on the diverse clientele. “We enjoy the business association of course, but on a personal level, it is a pleasure to have the opportunity to provide our brand of entertainment and service to such diverse and fascinating people.”

Snoqualmie Casino also has a variety of eating options.  Their offerings are:

Terra Vista: A traditional steakhouse offering aged beef, fresh seafood, and pasta dishes.

The Falls Buffet: A buffet featuring a diverse array of savory fares from around the world.

Sno Deli: An eatery that sells toasted warm sandwiches made to order, fresh salads, and pizzas.

Sno Café: Specializing in “All Day” breakfast and the best burgers in town.

The Drip: for the coffee aficionado.

12 Moons Asian Bistro: Which offers comforting and authentic East Asian Style cuisine.

All in all, Snoqualmie Casino is the place you want to be. Just a 20 minute drive from Seattle and with its eating options, wide open gaming floor, and team members that are happy to lend a hand at every turn, you can count on having a good time whenever you come. (end)

NOTE: The Snoqualmie Casino is a sponsor of Northwest Asian Weekly Events.

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