PICTORIAL: Children’s Costume Parade 2013

Over 100 kids from the ages of two months to 12 years participated in the Third Annual Children’s Costume Parade. First, second, and third place winners received prizes of $100, $50, and $25 respectively. Fourth and fifth place received golden dragon statues full of candy.

The kid’s favorite attraction was Pei Pei the panda, a 16-year-old panda from Panda Express. (Photo by Ina Dash)

Photos by George Liu/NWAW

First place winner Joziah Lagonoy danced during the entire parade.

Third place winners Luna, Kaya, and Siri Masonsmith sang a Chinese song on stage.

Fourth and fifth place winners Acadia Matyas and Mia Ekle

To celebrate the Year of the Snake, this year’s festival included a reptile petting zoo.

Kids from all ages participated, showing off their colorful costumes.

Snakes, both fierce and cute, were present at the parade.

Several families attended with all of their children in costume.

Red, a good luck color, dominated the competition.

Several contestants were too young to speak and needed to be helped by parents.

All types of costumes were featured, from Chinese and Korean to animal costumes.

Boys and girls of all ages participated.

Judging took place during the festival as well as on stage.

Over 100 kids participated, a new record for the children’s parade.

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