Asian Pacific Media Coalition announces new co-chairs

The Asian Pacific American Media Coalition (APAMC) announced Monday, Jan. 14 that Daniel M. Mayeda of East West Players (EWP) and Priscilla Ouchida of Japanese American Citizens League (JACL) have been elected as its new co-chairs. The APAMC, a coalition comprised of civil rights and media activism organizations, also announced that it will be expanding its activities.

Mayeda, a founding member of the APAMC, is a longtime member of the board, legal counsel, and past president of East West Players, the nation’s largest producing organization of Asian American artistic work.

Ouchida is the executive director of JACL, the nation’s oldest and largest Asian American civil rights organization. Organized in 1929, JACL is dedicated to protecting the civil rights of Asian Americans.

The group serves on the Comcast/NBCUniversal Joint Advisory Council, and is associated with the Minority Media and Telecommunications Council. JACL also participates on issues before the Federal Communications Commission, relating to minority participation.

The coalition also announced that it will seek to expand the scope of its influence to encompass other important entities, such as advertising agencies, major advertisers, talent agencies, talent guilds, and AAPI writers, directors, and actors.

“There are many important players who have an impact on the number and kinds of images of AAPIs in the media,” Mayeda explained. “While we want to continue to focus on the television networks, we also want to reach out to these other stakeholders to embrace a coordinated effort to increase the representation of Asian Americans in the media and entertainment industries.” (end)


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