APAs hired as part of Inslee’s administration staff

Jay Inslee with Kelly Wieker (front left), Unjin Lee (front center), and Joby Shimoura (right) (Photo by Jaime Smith)

Though Gov. Jay Inslee has yet to make an appointment to his Cabinet, Asian and Pacific Americans will already have a part in his administration. Joby Shimomura, Kelly Wicker, Kirstan Arestad, and Stacey Tichenor all currently hold positions working for the governor. Shimomura, Inslee’s former campaign manager and congressional office staff member, has been brought on as a Senior Adviser, with a salary of $140,650. Kelly Wicker, who was Inslee’s deputy campaign manager and also worked in the office of former Governors  Chris Gregoire and Gary Locke, will be Director of Internal Affairs, with a salary of $126,070. Arestad, who has worked in the capital with the Department of Transportation and Office of Fiscal Management, is Inslee’s new Deputy Director of Legislative Affairs and Policy, with a salary of $100,880. Unjin Lee, who is the Progam Director of the Institute for a Democratic Future, will be the Executive Aide to the Director of Internal Affairs with a salary of $50,000. Stacey Tichenor will be the Governor’s Executive Scheduler with a salary of $67,296. (end)

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