PICTORIAL: The 2012 Top Contributors Banquet

Photos by Binh Tran and Rebecca Ip

The dining room

From left: Sesinando Cantor, Jun Bae Kim, Bob Ferguson, Sam Ung, Bob Santos, Trong Pham, Jay Inslee, Sandy Huynh, Someireh Amirfaiz, Joan Yoshitomi, Mark Okazaki, and Dennis Su posing with a print of Japanese paper cut by Bellevue-based artist Aki Sogabe given to Inslee by the NWAW.

Robert Mak giving remarks.

Jay Inslee with cousin Mark

Bob Ferguson with gift from NWAW

Joan Yoshitomi with Judge Marcine Anderson

Event sponsors with Jay Inslee and Bob Ferguson

Someireh Amirfaiz with Martha Choe

Sam Ung with Judge Kimi Kondo

Bob Hasegawa with Nina Odell

Jun Bae Kim with the leaders of his organizations

Jun Bae Kim with Teri Wong

Sandy Huynh with Judge Dean Lum

Sesinando Cantor with Rep. Marcie Maxwell

Mark Okazaki with Judge Pat Oishi

Dennis Su with Mark Mitsui

Trong Pham with the leaders of his organizations

Trong Pham with Nina Odell

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