BLOG: Mak leaves KING

By Assunta Ng

Robert Mak

Robert Mak, anchor of KING TV program “Up Front,” resigned last Friday. There are speculations about the station’s motive for cutting the program. As a publisher, I understand why KING cut the program. Network news is a cut throat business. Anchor changes happen faster than ice melts under the sun. In this tough economy, if it doesn’t make much business sense, it will not make sense to the company. Sadly, journalism is secondary.

Two things caught the public off guard. In my opinion, KING is the last local network station that would cut a well-respected and quality program due to fiscal constraints. Mak’s response is also unexpected. Instead of staying on as a political reporter, he resigned. It wasn’t easy for Mak to get to where he was. He’s one of our city’s best journalists.

He always asks the most compelling questions, and his reporting is always entertaining, sharp, and thorough, Although it is sad to see a major Asian American reporter leaving a big station, there’s always a new horizon for Mak. Considering his political expertise, writing, and communication skills, investigative background, and his wide connections, Mak will contribute greatly to his next employer.

And if Mak doesn’t want to work for anyone else, he can always start his own public affairs company or website. (end)

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