BLOG: Ang Lee’s Life of Pi

By Assunta Ng

Movie theaters hate people like me.

I only visit them a few times a year. Usually, I wait until the movie is out on DVD, so I can borrow it from the Seattle Public Library — it usually takes a year on the SPL waitlist.

But I didn’t want to wait for Ang Lee’s Life of Pi. My family and I watched it on Thanksgiving Day. I recommend that you watch it in theaters; a DVD just would not do it justice. Only in theaters would you be able to enjoy the powerful visuals and sound effects.

The story is about the adventures of a boy lost in the ocean with a tiger. Now, dogs you can train, but not tigers. Watch it and you’ll be inspired. The boy survives 227 days in the ocean because he found a purpose to live by taking care of his only companion, the tiger.

I bet you suspect that I rave about the movie because Lee is Asian American, but that’s not the case. I admire the guy for his multi-dimensional talents. This film is completely different from his past works, such as “Crouching Tiger, Hidden Dragon” and “Brokeback Mountain.” Lee has not disappointed his fans. Life of Pi deserves to win Best Picture in the 2013 Academy Awards. (end)

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