Vietnamese Poet Du Tu Le exhibited at Renton restaurant

From left to right: Comcast’s Risa Janzen, Du Tu Le, and Ruta Publisher Mohamud Yssuf.

Oil paintings of Vietnamese poet Lê Cự Phách, better known by his pen name Du Tử Lê, were exhibited at Spring Taste restaurant in Renton on Saturday, Oct. 20. The event was sponsored by Seabeez and Comcast.

The poet, who is now based in Garden Grove, Calif., was in attendance.

Du, who grew up in South Vietnam and was a member of the Army of the Republic of Vietnam, started writing poetry in 1953, at the age of 11. His poems have appeared in the Los Angeles Times, New York Times, and various anthologies of poetry.

Du began painting in July 2011. Many of his paintings have been used for book and magazine covers. (end)

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